To Be Like a Child

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Prayer session.

This school year, I was invited to guide a prayer group again. It's been five years since I last did it.

One of my colleagues and mentors remarked that it was going to be different, because I was older. Looking through the old prayer materials and points I prepared for my "guidees" all those years ago, I realized he was right. I could see how in the past, I had rushed a lot of the themes, insisting on getting to a "target" theme within a certain period of time ... similar, I suppose, to the way I handle my lesson plans.

Today, at prayer session, while the group was in silent prayer, I too prayed, and I told God that I was feeling apprehensive, scared, unworthy. I felt like Jeremiah. "It's not your work, but Mine," He reassured me.

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